1. Another right hand by Mares right on the chin of Moreno
    Showtime interviewing Abner in the locker room before the fight.
    Abner warming up with Trainer Clemente
    Abner in his corner
    Moreno falling after a solid punch to his stomach, he played it off and ref ruled it as a slip.
    Moreno getting caught with a stiff jab from Mares
    Moreno caught against the ropes with a vicious right by Mares
    Abner Mares raises his belt in front os the crowd at Staples Center

    Abner Mares (25-0-1, 14KO) successfully defended his WBC super bantamweight title in an action packed unanimous decision victory over former WBA bantamweight champion Anselmo Moreno (33-2-1, 12KO). Mares applied heavy pressure all through the bout and finally caught Moreno with a hard right cross that dropped him at the end of round five. Mares was warned on numerous occasions for fouls, at least twice for low blows and the other for a punch to the back of a turned Moreno. Instead, however, it was Moreno who was penalized a point in the eleventh round for pulling on the head of Mares while clinched, as referee Raul Caiz Jr. did his best Russell Mora impression (Mares vs. Agbeko I). Judges scored the bout 116-110 (twice) and, inexplicably, 120-106, in favor of Mares.

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